• Think about what types of designers are in demand.
  • Knocking on doors can lead to fantastic opportunities.
  • Think about what you'll bring to internships as well as what they can offer.
  • Don't be picky about location - you could miss out on excellent opportunities.
  • Make sure your CV is on the right desk at the right time.
  • You never know who might be looking at your online profiles.
  • Make an effort to fill in any gaps in your training - it'll pay off when you are looking for work.
  • Talent is not enough - you need to get out there and make sure everybody knows about your skills.
  • Forget 24/7 glamour - fashion can be a very stressful career choice
  • Don't be shy about asking for help - we all know we can learn from each other:
  • Start making contacts early to increase your chances of landing a good job after graduating
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