1. M.Des MFM Classroom Course

Classroom Learning offers broad exposure for the general growth of the student through offering facilities communication with the new people. here in BATCH PLUS CLASS Classroom Learning offers an environment in which one becomes a team player and also the team leader with diverse group activities like group study, brainstorming meetings, and presentations. It helps in confidence building and interaction between students.

2. Weekend Classroom Course

Enjoy Flexible Learning Opportunities here at BATCH PLUS CLASSES (Mumbai, Delhi, Patna, Hisar , Indore) Batch plus class provide the flexibility to fit every learner including evening, weekend classes. weekend classes are not the only flexible element of learning with us. Independent study is your own to organize and plan around your schedule. This planning ahead allows you to fit more into your daily life. BATCH PLUS weekend manageable class makes class prep more flexible and allows it to slot into your life with ease. In addition, our study tips make things a lot easier for you as you multi-task through your day.


This program is meant to help students who are appearing in design entrance test for NIFT,NID,NIIFT and all other top designing collages. It includes exhaustive Study materials on both the creative and non-creative aspects of the major entrance tests.

4.Online Course

Batch plus classes(indore,delhi, mumbai,hisar,Patna) has designed this course keeping in mind convenience and time availability of students(NID NIFT UCEED) this way school work would won't disturb.

5.Crash course

Batch Plus classes is providing you a better opportunity to revise all the important topics of NIFT, NID, and UCEED through this course at all its Centres ( Patna,Indore,hisar,mumbai,Delhi). We are offering you accurate and correct information about your subject, so that you can score well in your exams.

6. Full Time Classrom Course

Can a seed grow without the Soil? or Sun light?
Yes! you are damn right!Everything in this amazing world needs environment to grow maximum to it's potential,Knowing this, Batch Plus Classes proudly presents full time classroom classes,where you can be whole day, in a proper environment for you to grow best,in between faculties who knows what's best for you ,A complete catalyst material which can boost your growth so you can achieve the best.