NID Entrance Exam Pattern

As per the NID Entrance Exam Pattern, the entrance exam is conducted in 2 stages: Prelims and Mains for both NID B. Des and M. Des programs.

There are two types of questions included in the preliminary exam i.e.,

• objective
• subjective

In the Mains exam, there will be a -

• studio test and
• personal interview

On clearing the prelims exam, you shall be shortlisted for the studio test

For better preparations refer to the NID entrance exam syllabus pdf for

NID Syllabus 2023 for B. Des

NID B.Des entrance exam syllabus is explained below.
The exam is conducted in two stages: NID DAT Prelims and NID DAT Mains.
The prelims examination is a pen and paper-based written test, whereas the main exam comprises a studio test and personal interview.
The syllabus varies for prelims and main exams. You can check the detailed syllabus in the post below.

NID Prelims Exam Syllabus 2023 for B.Des

• The B. Des prelims exam is conducted for 100 marks, out of which the marks for objective and subjective are divided.
• The total time duration of the exam is 3 hours.

The below table shows the NID UG entrance exam syllabus for B.Des & GDPD NID DAT Prelims exam.

1. Design Outline for Beginners

2. Colour Terminology

3. Inspiration & Design Development

4. Mood, Theme & Colour Inter-relationship

5. Design Theory

6. Elements & Principles Of Design

7. Natural & Geometrical Form

8. Innovation in Design

9. Principles of Composition

10. Lettering

11. Optical Illusion

12. Understanding Light & Shade

13. Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions

14. Form & Function 15. Colour, Pattern & Texture

16. Theme Development

17. Creative thinking & writing

18. Picture Analysis

19. Visual Logic

20. Good Design vs. Bad Design

21. Drawing Fundamentals

22. Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions

23. Optical Illusion

24. Foreshortening & Perspective

25. Developing Themes & Colour Associations

26. Inspiration & Creativity

27. Ornaments & motifs

28. Memory Drawing

29. Usage of Colour in Compositions

30. Expression & Emotion

31. Exercises on imagination

32. Lateral Thinking

33.Story Pictures

34. Presentation Techniques

35. Imagination & Doodling

36. 3D Visualisation

37. Graphics & Pictograms

38.Innovation & Creation

39. Design Awareness

40. Developing Observation

NID Entrance Exam Syllabus for Studio Test 2023

• This is the second stage of the NID DAT Exam.
• The studio test includes the different formats of questions like Drawing, Sketching, and Model Making.

Check out the below table to know the topics involved in NID Prelims Syllabus for Studio Test.

1. Model Making

2. Doodling

3. Meeting with Students who Qualified for NID DAT

4. How to Evolve Ideas

5. Audio – Visual Exercises

6. Material Manipulation

7. Creative Thinking

NID Entrance Exam Syllabus 2023 for M.Des

As said above, the entrance examination for the postgraduate program also includes both prelims and mains.

The preliminary examination for M.Des includes

• Common Design Aptitude Test and
• Discipline-Specific Test

While the main examination includes a

• Studio test
• Personal interview.

Upon qualifying both stages, you will be shortlisted for the final merit list.

NID Prelims Exam Syllabus 2023 for M.Des

Take a look at the table below to know the NID Syllabus for the preliminary exam of the M.Des course.

Practicing NID Sample Papers will help you get a fair idea about the difficulty level and type of questions asked on these topics.

Design Outline for Beginners

Colour Terminology

Inspiration & Design Development

Mood, Theme & Colour Inter-relationship

Design Theory

Elements & Principles Of Design

Natural & Geometrical Form

Innovation in Design

Principles of Composition


Optical Illusion

Understanding Light & Shade

Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions

Form & Function

Colour, Pattern & Texture

Theme Development

Creative Thinking & Writing

Picture Analysis

Visual Logic

Good Design vs. Bad Design

Drawing Fundamentals

Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions

Optical Illusion

Foreshortening & Perspective

Developing Themes & Colour Associations

Inspiration & Creativity

Ornaments & Motifs

Memory Drawing

Usage of Colour in Compositions

Expression & Emotion

Exercises on Imagination

Lateral Thinking

Story Pictures

Presentation Techniques

Imagination & Doodling

3D Visualisation

Graphics & Pictograms

Innovation & Creation

Design Awareness

Developing Observation

NID Studio Test Syllabus for M.Des 2023

The below table shows the list of topics to be studied for the Studio Test of the M.Des program.

You can follow the expert Preparation Tips for NID to score good marks in the studio test.

NID exam syllabus is as follows:

Model Making


How to evolve ideas

Audio – Visual Exercises

Material Manipulation

Creative Thinking