About Us

About Batch Plus-Batch Plus classes is an initiative by top design professional of country. Batch Plus is not just a coaching centre for preparation of design entrance exam, it is a team of 40 young and dynamic brains who have plus factor in them. We at batch plus believe in changing the vision and your perception to look at things. We will spark your design sense because we don’t create artist we create future designers.

Established in 2014, having its first centre in Patna. Batch plus Classes have given a record result with its first batch of 30 students. 30 out of 30 selected got selected for top NIFT colleges in India. Our training at batch plus will not provide you only success in entrance exam but it will give you a sharp and planned vision for your design future and career. We expose you with talented and known industry experts and designer to open your mind.

  • Community of support – We challenge our students to reach their full creative potential in an atmosphere of support and deep collaboration.
  • Learn from professionals-All our designs faculties our industry experts who are practicing design in today’s scenario. Our young and dynamic design professional team can lead you to a successful journey.
  • Ethics in designs- Ethical design education aims to address the problems. it sees with the way the design industries, currently operate such as lack of awareness and industry orientation.
  • Legacy- We are new but bold. The main purpose of Batch Plus classes is to provide quality education and training in the field of design. Batch Plus classes has started its first centre in 2014 in Patna and was the first institute in India to give a record result of 100% selection in NIFT entrance exam 2014, design industry is going and future be hold a very competitive market. Batch Plus classes have a team of industry expert from NIFT-NID and PEARL who develop courses with PEARL according to the needs of entire design entrance examination.
  • Achievements – We are proud to announce that we have record breaking result last year with 100% selection in NIFT.
  • Vision & Missions –To be amongst the training institutes in design education through continues innovation high to be amongst the leading quality, standards and delightful experience to student and our professional team.

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  • Because of batch Plus I am where, I always want to be. I came to know my capabilities here and got the right direction. This place made me to think differently. I am blesses to be a part of Batch Plus.
    Ayushi Priya
    NIFT C, Rank - 2521
  • I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to Designing Batch Plus is the only best place in Bihar. Faculties are experienced, skillful, humble, and passionate and they teach from personal experience, and always excited to show you the way. Batch Plus not only helped me with the course but beyond that.
    Shivani Verma
    NIFT C, Rank - 756
  • With best teachers… In just four short months, I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime. Batch Plus is great for anyone. I highly recommend it.
    Shiv Shankar Shah
    NIFT C, Rank - 436
  • I joined Batch Plus and it led me to these results. A correct path and a bit of hard work helped me. There are no replacements for the faculties passionately creating future Designers.
    Sweta Kumari
    NIFT C, Rank - 840
  • I’ve taken other NIFT - NID Classes in Patna and this was by far the most helpful and most practical. My skills improved dramatically within few weeks.
    Lovely Kumari
    NIFT C, Rank - 274
  • I would recommend it to anyone serious about cleaning up their act, both in Designing and in Creativity. The faculties inspired us to work hard. After one grueling and exhilarating year Batch Plus students are better Designers and quite possibly better people.
    Pushkar Singh
    NIFT C, Rank - 637
  • Their passion for creating Designers showed throughout the course, and each week was packed with pivotal lessons. I learned about techniques I wouldn’t have discovered without Batch Plus. All the classes I had added immense value to my life.
    Md. Sarfaraz
    NIFT C, Rank - 139
  • I thought I can only be a decent Designer, but with Batch Plus’s knowledge on the subject, they showed me I can be a great one. Less than a year, lots of hard work, and a better skill and creativity established. That spells success to me.
    Shailjha Parween
    NIFT C, Rank - 691
  • Batch Plus delivers the content of the course NIFT - NID in a way that sets you up to succeed, as long as you put in the hard work. Faculties are inspiring, they know how to teach and they care about the success of the students. I finished the classes more than pleased with the results.
    Ashutosh Kumar
    NIFT C, Rank - 556
  • It would have never happened until I have joined Batch Plus. Faculties put their whole heart and soul teaching and into helping students, are better. I’m grateful. If you’re serious about Fashion Designing, treat yourself to a seat in Batch Plus.
    NIFT C, Rank - 1414
  • I used every strategy I learned in Batch Plus. I didn’t liked designing in the beginning and actually hated it but  being consistent with the classes really does the trick ! Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with us in your Designing classes.
    Prachi Anand
    NIFT C, Rank - 18
  • I signed up for Batch Plus simply because of it’s faculties. Nothing else. In just few months I found the authentic Designer inside me and fell madly in love with the work I did. I think you will appreciate Batch Plus’s knowledge.
    Rozi Rahmani
    NIFT C, Rank - 43
  • The lessons I learned in Batch Plus are applicable to Creativity and to life. If you are looking to improve your skills and yourself, Batch Plus is the best place to have. Thank You for a wonderful journey.
    Vanshala Mishra
    NIFT C, Rank - 372
  •  I had never dreamed of becoming a Bihar topper. Batch Plus and it’s faculties helped me achieve something beyond my thoughts. Join Batch Plus, seize the opportunity. You won’t regret taking the the class, but you might regret not making yourself a better Designer when you had the chance.
    Mayank Raj
    NIFT C, Rank - 50
  • If you follow the work and classes you can do great things, you can discover the authenticity and the compassionate soul inside you. It rewarded me with a great sense of meaning. It changed my inner world for sure.
    Divya Shrutee
    NIFT C, Rank - 312
  •  I have a desire to become a Fashion Designer, but I hadn’t done anything about it. I didn’t feel like I had enough courage, free time, education or capacity. Batch Plus did an excellent job providing information, tools, advice and homework that helped me discover that there are no ideal conditions and what matters is that I need to take action to start somewhere.
    Sonali Raj
    NIFT C, Rank - 221
  • NIFT - NID is a wonderful course. Batch Plus helped me immensely with this course. Faculties here are caring and fantastic. With Batch Plus this course is worth yo time and energy.
    Smriti Nayan
    NIFT C, Rank - 65
  • Batch Plus Classes was a great way to kick start a Creative life after not doing anything Creative since high school. I have gained a good sense of what good Designing is and how to improve mine. Thank You Batch Plus.
    Manogya Riti Verma
    NIFT C, Rank-107
  • Batch Plus exceeded my expectations. The journey was fun and challenging and opened mind to a new perspective on design.  I enjoy the Practice of designing more. I have new opportunities because of the skills i gained in the class.
    Sneha Raj
    NIFT C, Rank - 2098
  • Batch Plus Classes gives me confidence it opened my eye to see the creativity, clarity and style in functional way. Attending the classes daily made NIFT well achievable.
    Rashmi Aggarwal
    NIFT C, Rank - 322